Nicholas J. Hayes

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Expect nothing less than my everything. Work Hard & Stay Humble. Massachusetts || North Carolina


You’re too kind…thank you! Enjoy your day as well!!



At 20 years old a man can go to the Middle East and literally risk his life for our country. He will come back to this country from a war where he just witnessed two of his fellow troops be blown to pieces right next to him. At 20 years old, if someone can die for their country, their country should allow them the freedom to drink a cold one.


What’s really fucking me up is that I subconsciously look for you everywhere. When I walk into the library, I look for you. When I walk past our old meeting spot, I look for you. When I’m walking near your house, I look for you. You still consume my thoughts, even when I don’t want you to, even when I don’t mean to, it always comes back to you. 

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